Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream, Kindness and Happiness (Ages 8-12) | Dream Guide

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This course is about kindness and happiness. Ruthie is a 10-year-old girl who wakes up on a rainy Saturday morning, which is going to ruin the plans she had made for the day. She makes a choice to have a bad attitude and to make sure everyone else is miserable as well. The day unfolds with surprising encounters that regardless of her attitude, make for one of her best days ever. The message is: when you’re kind to people, you don’t need to look for happiness, happiness will find you. The book has two assignments and an essay. The class winner will receive another bike – but this one they will give away to a child of their choice who they believe they deserve one for reasons they describe in their essay. The bike gift should be given in the classroom so all the children can participate in the joy of giving.

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